CLC Sponsored Bills Signed by Governor

October 04, 2013

Three important CLC-sponsored bills signed by Governor Brown

CLC is thrilled to report that three of our sponsored bills this year have been signed into law! These bills take effect on January 1, 2014. CLC appreciates your support of our legislative agenda and ongoing efforts seeking to improve outcomes for our vulnerable young clients.

AB 545: This important bill, which was authored by Assembly Member Holly Mitchell and sponsored by CLC, will ensure that youth are placed with caregivers close to the family rather than in foster care whenever possible.

SB 342: Authored by Senator Leland Yee and co-sponsored by LACY (Legal Advocates for Children and Youth) and CYC (California Youth Connection), this bill will ensure that children’s social workers visit foster children in their foster home or group home placement on a regular basis (rather than in another location such as the social worker’s office) while preserving the important right of the child to request a private conversation with the social worker outside of the placement. The importance of this bill is illustrated by recent tragic events across California in which the child welfare system has failed in its duty to identify dangerous living conditions–failures which resulted in serious and sometimes fatal harm to our most vulnerable youth.

SB 528: Authored by Senator Leland Yee and co-sponsored by CLC, the John Burton Foundation, the Alliance for Children’s Rights, and Public Counsel, this is an important bill to improve outcomes for teens in foster care. Specifically, the bill clarifies the right of foster youth to receive age appropriate, medically accurate reproductive health education and services, and directs the Department of Social Services to collect data on parenting and pregnant youth. This bill will help us to both reduce teen pregnancy for youth in foster care and to improve outcomes for those teens who do become parents. While the rest of the nation is seeing a significant reduction in the number of teen pregnancies, we have not seen a similar decline for youth in foster care. SB528 will go a long way toward helping us help the youth who are at greatest risk.