CARE Unit Receives New Funding From The Reissa Foundation!

January 31, 2018

CLC is so grateful to have recently received a gener-ous grant from The Reissa Foundation to support the critical work of our CARE (Crossover Advocacy and Resource Effort) Program. The successful CARE Unit focuses on supporting, mentoring and guiding foster youth who become involved with the juvenile justice system (often referred to as “crossover youth”), helping our clients to successfully navigate and complete their terms of probation, with the ultimate goal of halting the pipeline from foster care to the criminal justice system. We are excited to partner with the Los Angeles based Reissa Foundation in their commitment to improving the lives of our vulnerable populations in California and Texas. Reissa supports organizations with a focus on foster care, juvenile justice, and the targeted support of crossover youth that are involved in both systems. Caitlin Scott, Board Member and Director of the Reissa’s Crossover Youth Initiative, explains that “crossover youth are the definition of a vulnerable population. Their circumstances put them at high risk of homelessness, commercial sex trafficking, inadequate education and more. As such, we feel it is important to support programs like the Children’s Law Center’s CARE Unit and also to raise awareness of these issues within Los Angeles County given our position as the second largest foster care system in the United States.”