Legislative Updates

January 31, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Governor Brown signed all of the CLC-sponsored bills that were waiting on his desk!  In addition to the $22 million increase in dependency counsel funding, CLC successfully advocated for the passage of these 4 important bills:

AB 766 (Assembly Member Laura Friedman, D-43): this bill enables a youth who is accepted into college to reside in the dorms, and to receive funding and services. 

AB 1371 (Assembly Member Mark Stone, D-29): this bill provides important protections for parenting foster youth and parenting youth on probation by requiring that they have an opportunity to consult with an attorney prior to relinquishing any level of custody of the their child, including agreeing to probate guardianships.  

SB 213 (Senator Holly Mitchell, D-30): this bill simplifies the process by which a prospective caregiver’s criminal history is reviewed, allows for placements pending exemptions if all parties agree, and moves specified crimes from the non-exemptible to the exemptible category.

SB 245, codified in a Budget Bill SB 89 (Senator Connie Leyva, D-20): this legislation increases access to reproductive health information and services for youth in foster care.