CLC Staff to Present at NACC Annual Conference

July 17, 2017

This summer, advocates in child welfare, juvenile justice and family law from across the country will gather in New Orleans for the 40th National Child Welfare, Juvenile, and Family Law Conference. The three-day conference will be held at The Roosevelt Hotel from August 10 through August 12, with a pre-conference ‘Red Book’ training on August 9th.

CLC is proud to be presenting two workshops at the conference. Executive Director Leslie Heimov and Supervising Attorney Jennifer McCartney will host “Lessons Learned from In re Alexandria P.: The Importance of Independent Child’s Counsel in Placement Decisions, the Importance of Focusing on the Whole Child and the Role of Media in Child Welfare.”  This session will present and discuss the important lessons learned through the highly publicized case regarding the placement of a young child known as ‘Lexi’ in the Los Angeles County foster system, including the ethical responsibilities of child’s counsel to perform independent investigation regarding placements decisions for a child, the quandry of foster parents to love a child like their own versus the temporary nature of foster care, and importance of looking at what constitutes best interest when discussing a long term placement for a child. 

CLC attorneys Meghan Grim and Jacqueline Phillips will present “Strategies and Services in Cases of Sibling on Sibling Sex Abuse,” a session which will provide comprehensive and detailed instruction on how advocates should approach these highly sensitive, emotional and frequently disturbing cases. 

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