News from Sacramento

April 05, 2017

CLC’s Sacramento office has recently undergone transformative and exciting changes. As CLC has continued to make increased Dependency Counsel funding throughout the state a top priority in tandem with our ongoing legislative efforts to improve outcomes for foster youth, we are thrilled to announce that John Skoglund has joined our Policy team. Based in our Sacramento office, John - who has worked for the past 6 years in the California Legislature, first for Assembly member Betsy Butler and then for Senator Holly Mitchell – works closely with our Policy Director, Sue Abrams, to promote our legislative agenda, give us greater voice in the regulatory process, and continue our work to secure additional state funding for dependency counsel.

John brings an insider’s knowledge of the Capitol, as well as strong relationships with key staffers, legislators, and the Governor’s office to CLC.  He is deeply committed to issues important to our clients, having successfully staffed a variety of human services, child welfare and anti-poverty bills over the years, including several sponsored by CLC.  John has worked on legislation regarding psychotropic medications, access to reproductive health care, CLC’s AB545 regarding relative preference, this year’s SB 1322 – decriminalizing prostitution for minors, the budget request for dependency counsel, and more.  CLC has worked closely with John over the past 5 years and found him to be dedicated to our issues, committed to our cause and personally and professionally aligned with CLC’s vision. We are very lucky to welcome him to our team this year. 

Another important expansion for our Sacramento office includes the hiring of several Youth Advocates who will join our Northern California team to work with our Expected and Parenting Youth clients, and our Commercially Sexually Exploited clients in collaboration with  Sacramento County Child Protective Services.  Having the benefit of these young foster care experts in our office will help our Sacramento and Placer county attorneys continue to maintain our commitment to client-centered representation.  Because they come from the foster care system, these young people have innovative ideas and unique perspectives on how to best advocate for the needs of all of our clients in the system.  In joining  our Sacramento office, they will add incredible value to our policy work, giving John enhanced insight into how the system actually impacts our clients, and help to focus his advocacy at the Capitol, with their needs front and center.  CLC is very pleased to bring on these new staff members to help improve our advocacy on behalf of vulnerable children and youth throughout California.