Foster Care Kid Graduates College Through Cal Poly Program

July 07, 2016

Growing up, Mich Hamlin would sleep next to a trash bin in Pomona, kicking away the leaves to make room for his family to sleep.

Now, just three weeks ago, 23-year-old Hamlin graduated from college, joining the 3 percent of foster care home children to do so.
Hamlin grew up homeless with his two drug addicted parents, getting by with donations from a woman who worked at the thrift shop next door.

At 13, Hamlin was placed into foster care and just a couple of months later, learned his mother had died from liver cancer and his father had since moved away."It was the first time I've ever felt cold inside, like my heart sunk and then just crying," he said.

Though his future looked bleak, Hamlin finished high school and discovered Cal Poly Pomona had a program called Renaissance Scholars, which helps foster kids graduate college.