Mental Health

Juvenile Court Mental Health Services
In Children’s Court, many minors need a mental health assessment and psychotropic medication due to the factors that brought them into Dependency Court. Juvenile Court Mental Health Services (JCMHS) workers interact with these minors to help the Court make decisions for the minors based on evaluating and interpreting/obtaining relevant mental health information that is needed to help the Court assist the minor in the best way possible. JCMHS also collaborates with other agencies that work with the minors to ensure that all the mental health needs of the youth are met.
Department of Mental Health
The Department of Mental Health’s Child Welfare Division was created in October 2005 as part of the Enhanced Specialized Foster Care Mental Health Services Plan approved by the County Board of Supervisors. The Department of Mental Health (DMH) provides various services for those in Dependency Court such as Wrap-Around Services, Multidisciplinary Assessment Team, and other services that work with the Department of Children and Family Services to ensure that the needs of the minor is met. 
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