Action needed to stop sex trafficking of underage girls: Dianne Feinstein

November 16, 2015

Sex trafficking of underage girls — often as young as 12 — is one of the most repulsive crimes imaginable, but it’s part of a multibillion-dollar underground industry in our state. To combat this repugnant crime, we need to take tangible action on the local, state and federal level to punish traffickers and buyers and help the victims.

Carrie, a 21-year-old Los Angeles native, tells us about the type of criminals we’re dealing with.

When Carrie was 14, she ran away from home to escape an abusive stepfather. Carrie soon met a trafficker who held her captive for seven years, selling her for sex, beating and torturing her.

When Carrie was 17, she attempted suicide. At one point, Carrie’s trafficker held a gun to her head; she jumped from a moving car to escape death.